Digital Engagement

The digital engagement domain is focused on enabling the various digital channels and optimize the potential mix for our customer. We are proud to support our clients navigate through the complex ecosystem of data, system and stakeholders that arises in a permanently changing environment. Centered around our optimized customer engagement architecture for life science we can deliver a range of services from pure customer strategy enablement to marketing technology enablement.

The digital consulting team support life science companies to define their operating model and translate their customer engagement strategy into tangible digital approaches. The experts will help define the right mix of technologies as well as the best approach to orchestrate the journeys within the digital ecosystem.


Our digital journey services is focused on operating your marketing technology stack. Our consultants would act on your behalf to create the customer journey and HCPs funnel from your traditional PowerPoint into the digital realm. Whether you are extremely mature and just need a hand to operate the heavy machinery or just launching your first awareness site, this team can ensure you get the best out of your technology.

Our marketing technology implementation services delivers the marketing automation systems to our life science customer. Our team of experts can configure and implement the entire stack of technologies or be focused on a specific layer of the architecture depending on the needs of our customer. From consent management to marketing automation or social media distribution, the team can ensure the systems are implemented on time, budget and with the agreed specifications.