Content Excellence

The content domain of the customer engagement practice is focused on the content supply chain to the various channels. The team can optimize the process from the creation of the initial content with agency up to the distribution to the channel, including the review, the approval and the storage of that content. We strongly believe in content personalization. The team must move their process, systems and organization from being centered around the MLR process to an organization that mastered digital assets management, taxonomy and ultimately ensured a content built for omnichannel personalized experience powered by AI.

Our content business consulting offering can support our customer improve and optimize any step of the content value chain. Our experts can define the content taxonomy that fits your organization or optimize the architecture around your key message. Sometimes, focusing on your MLR process may be the lowest hanging fruit to accelerate your content delivery to the channel and that would be achieved via our services.

Our implementation services are focused on the configuration of digital assets management systems. While Veeva Vault PromoMats remains the leader within the industry, our consultants have a vast experience including Aprimo and Adobe Experience Manager. Our accelerators and pre-designed processes ensure a faster delivery of the system while remaining in full compliance.

Our business operations team is constantly supporting customer to operates their digital assets management systems. Ranging from a technical releases analysis to the actual review of the content, our experts can make sure a company is not having any bottleneck within its content supply channel neither for a technical nor a business reason.

Finally, our medical information team can support on the medical information front. Ranging from the implementation of systems to the optimization of the cases management or the FAQ tagging, our consultants have been helping companies provides an exceptional customer experience to HCPs having a medical inquiry.