We believe that the field force is still a channel required for life science companies. After all, we are all human and in a constantly digital world, analogue interactions are extremely valuable, especially when launching a new product or providing new data to your HCPs. The field force therefore needs a tool and the CRM will remain an essential component of the customer engagement. Our CRM domain is therefore centered around the individuals that are interacting with the HCPs directly.

Our consulting services will ensure that your team makes the best use out of the CRM generated data, whether by optimizing the current process, facilitating the access to the insights or simply improving the segmentation of your customer. We understand that the field force must orchestrate the various interactions and we have designed pre-defined playbook to ensure this is achieved.


Our end-to-end implementation team has been delivering CRM system for the life science industry for years and has developed a range of accelerators that will ensure you achieved your desired outcome in the fastest way while optimizing the quality. Whether you are implementing OCE from IQVIA, Veeva CRM from Veeva Systems or SFDC from Salesforce, our team is the right stop to accelerate the implementation for life science companies. Any of our team member will provide technology expertise, processes knowledge and a wealth of experience on the life science data, a sure cocktail to achieve success.

As any commercial organization would know, a CRM system will never stop evolving. As such, we have created a unique managed services model for CRMs. Our setup, always centered around a single point of contact that would directly solve the challenges from the requester in most of the cases ensures a smooth management of the tickets and release management while avoiding the request to be a maze of various teams. We ensure the business can keep running while we enhance it when the time allows.