Digital Solutions

At the heart of our department is a deep understanding of pharmaceutical processes and data. This knowledge, paired with our expertise in full-stack development, empowers us to craft software solutions tailored specifically for the pharma sector. We are equipped to navigate the intricacies of critical systems and platforms pivotal for the industry.

Our capabilities extend beyond just creating software. We’re adept at constructing reliable data-pipelines, lakes, and warehouses on prominent cloud platforms, ensuring data remains both of high-quality and compliant. The use of Artificial Intelligence is not limited to buzzwords in our team; we apply AI in real-world scenarios, from automated document review to IDMP metadata extraction.

Our commitment to effective data management and governance sets the foundation for the AI/ML solutions we offer. Whether it’s identifying use cases or deploying finished products, our team stands ready to guide through every phase.

Expertise in advanced analytics and business intelligence

Our goal is straightforward: To extract meaningful value from large sets of data – whether that be in documents, images, or complex databases. We translate this data into actionable solutions, tools, and strategies that enhance decision-making where it’s crucial, directly addressing real-world challenges and driving tangible business benefits.

Our strong grasp on cloud IT architecture and data structures allows us to employ advanced tools, including machine learning and deep learning. This expertise ensures that we derive profound insights even from massive volumes of data, adhering to the regulations of GxP systems.